Suzanne has been microblading my brows for several years now. I’m super busy with career family and daily exercise so having great brows 24/7 is fantastic. Suzanne has been ¬†specialising in eyebrow enhancement for over 10 years and is an absolute perfectionist.
My natural brows were quite dark and full but I noticed they were starting to get a bit patchy and loosing there shape. Suzanne fills them in with fine strokes and shapes them beautifully. I would defiantly recommend Suzanne if you are considering brow enhancement.
Virginia Byrne

It took me years to “pluck up” the courage, pardon the pun to get my brows semi-permanently tattooed. I finally booked in for a consultation with Suzanne because I liked her before and after photos. I was so nervous and apprehensive but as soon as we started to chat I felt very calm. She explained the process to me which was great because I was a bit confused about the various treatments I had read about. Suzanne assured me that she specialises in creating subtle soft and natural effect tattooing which is perfect for women in my age group.

On the day she spent so much time meticulously drawing on both brows and then started to create her magic. Suzanne is methodical and talked to me throughout the treatment explaining each process. The result was amazing and so flattering. I can say it’s one of the best things I have ever done! Since then I have also had my eyeliner done as well which is equally fantastic. I can literally wake up and go and do anything and know I look my personal best which is so important at my age.

Thank you so much Suzanne see you next year!

Helen McDonald

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Beautiful eyebrows can transform and define facial contours. They create a frame around our eyes. Thin, sparse eyebrows can be very ageing. Tattooed hair strokes add definition and colour that looks soft and natural.