1. Eyebrows are too sparse or thin, maybe even non-existent.

SOLUTION: This is a very common problem sometimes for no obvious reason hair follicles die and don’t grow back. But it is quite often something that occurs with age as well. As a stylist this is particularly challenging because there is not much to work with. I try to give the brow some structure and create a shape that can then be enhanced with makeup. Quite often the brows are also not matching so I like to create some symmetry where possible. Tinting can be quite effective if there are extra fair hairs around to help create some extra volume. There are lots of styling products that can be quite effective when used correctly however hair stroke tattooing is the best solution to this problem.

3. Eyebrows that are too long

SOLUTION: Eyebrows that are too long often start to wrap around the outside corner of the eye and visually take the eyes down with them. When brows are styled the desired effect is to lift and elongate the eye and they should always end going outwards.

5. Eyebrows that are too short, or too far apart from each other

SOLUTION: Eyebrows that are too far apart just end up looking short and uninteresting. It can be caused by over plucking and/or removing the tiny hairs at the beginning of the brow that tend to stick up. Personally I like these little hairs they make a brow look natural when I tattoo brows I like to insert a few little strokes here as it makes them look authentic. Sometimes this problem can also occur as a small symptom of an under active thyroid (general hair loss is common in this condition). Hairstrokes here are great as its hard to create good beginnings with pencil or eyebrow powder.

7. One eyebrow is higher than the other

SOLUTION: This is a very common problem and it’s usually because one eye is higher than the other. One way of making them appear more even is to shape the high brow from the top and the lower one from the bottom. This correction can be very effective especially when a styling product is used as well. I try not to get too fastidious with brows being exactly the same as they are never looked at separately so they just need to look good together and suit your facial features. I personally find sometimes asymmetry makes a face more interesting. In the eyebrow world we have an expression that our brows are sisters not twins! Kylie Minouge is a great example hers are maybe just cousins and look how great she looks!

9. Eyebrows are crooked or disconnected

SOLUTION: These unfortunately have just simply lost their way. Eyebrows like these are sometimes very challenging for me, sometimes they can be fixed with some very careful shaping and creating a pathway for them but the most effective solution is connecting them with tattooed hairstrokes.

2. Eyebrows have gaps or scars

SOLUTION: Scars and gaps can be tricky and annoying for women. Quite often untrained beauty specialist try to correct them by removing the gaps and surrounding hairs and brows end up uneven and too thin. Quite often they are only in one brow and then the other good eyebrow is styled to match the not so good one. My preference with this problem is to just ignore the area where hair is missing and create a shape around it. I never destroy a good brow to match the patchy one. Good styling product fills in the spaces, creates more volume and define the edges. Once again the hair stroke tattooing is an easy and effective solution.

4. Hair loss caused by illness or alopecia

SOLUTION: Drawing in brows is one obvious solution and can be helpful if done well however hair stroke tattooing is a fabulous solution.

6. Bushy & spread out eyebrows with no definition and perhaps too close together

SOLUTION: These are my most favourite brows especially when they are virgins! These Cinderella brows when styled and trimmed can completely transform the face and can go from being completely unnoticed to a wow brow. These brows only need maintenance however I am very careful if the owner of the brows is a low maintenance type person.

8. Eyebrow hair lacks colour as with true blondes or other complexions including grey hair.

SOLUTION: When there is no contrast between the colour of the skin and the brows they just fade away into nothingness. Quite often people with fair brows have brilliantly coloured eyes which just get lost and unnoticed. Firstly these brows can be tinted a few shades darker then styled to suit the facial features and contours. Most often this solves the problem however it can be frustrating because they can fade in a few weeks. Soft background tattoo shading is really good especially when soft and powdery and is certainly much lower maintenance.

10. Eyebrows that are much darker than the hair on the head

SOLUTION: This can be because the head hair has been lightened or sometimes is just naturally darker. This can look stunning on some people but if you see someone’s eyebrows before you see them its not so good. Lightening some brows to match the hair colour can be more dramatic than darkening them. It can look fantastic on some people and actually makes artificially lightened head hair look natural. Eyebrows that are too dark can look quite harsh especially on mature women. This is a great treatment for some women and makes them look softer and lovely.

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Beautiful eyebrows can transform and define facial contours. They create a frame around our eyes. Thin, sparse eyebrows can be very ageing. Tattooed hair strokes add definition and colour that looks soft and natural.