1. It looks like real hair.
2. It is semi-permanent and it will last approximately 12 months.
3. The pigment colours range from dark blonde to dark brown. (Darker colours last longer)
4. After the treatment, your brows will look slightly darker than the make-up you normally use but it is NOT scary dark.
5. The colour fades gradually into a softer shade.
6. The sensation varies from complete numbness to light scratching feeling.
7. There is very slight redness for around 24 hours.
8. You can’t get them wet for 7-10 days.
9. Aftercare is very simple and provided. Makeup wipes are great to use instead of cleansers during the healing period
10. There is no scabbing.
11. It is suitable for most skins.
12. It doesn’t affect your natural hair growth.
13. The brows are not shaved off before the treatment.


Will my eyebrows look fake and dark when they are first done and will my friends notice?
Your perceptive friends may notice that there is something different about you in a good way. They will be a little bit darker than you’re used to but after a few days they start to fade. I think the best response from friends is that you are looking really well. It’s interesting because quite often the friends that notice have had it done themselves or have been thinking about it.
What is the difference between eyebrow microblading and eyebrow feathering?
Unfortunately there is a lot of confusion with the name of this process. As I already mentioned strictly speaking it’s not really a tattoo however it is referred to as cosmetic tattooing. Microblading and feathering are the same thing, it’s actually done with a microblade and the effect is soft and curved like a feather.
Do you draw them on first?
Of course! The shape is the focus in the first treatment. The shape is determined by personal preference, measuring and my eyebrow artistry. In my salon nothing gets tattooed until the shape is perfect.
Is it painful?
There are various options regarding anaesthetics that are discussed before the treatment.
Is it permanent like body tattoos?
No. It generally lasts around 12 months. Unlike body tattoos that are embedded into the deep dermal layers of the skin microblading is targeted into the superficial layers of the skin so it is only semi-permanent.
I am starting chemotherapy would it be a suitable treatment for me?
Absolutely! I see lots of ladies before they commence treatment for cancer. Timing is critical because it has to be healed before the treatment starts. This is because during treatment the immune system is already compromised. Subtle cosmetic eyeliner and brows can make a huge difference when all the hair starts to fall out. I became great friends with a client Mellisa Staffano. when she came to me before her treatment for breast cancer.

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